a rehearsal studio in the heart of Harare, Zimbabwe.

kulcha houz is an initiative that seeks to create a platform for Zimbabwean talent. It gives a space to create and evolve. kulcha houz encourages local musicians to grow their sound and to develop their musical skills which enables them to meet national and international industry standards.

The goal is to increase income streams for Zimbabwean musicians, to develop and improve their musical skills and quality and strengthen the local scene.

The rehearsal studio gives musicians a space and allows them to explore, improve and showcase their work. kulcha houz is not only a rehearsal studio but a space for collaboration and growth.

kulcha houz also offers the possibility to video record the sessions on demand and showcase them on it´s social media channels such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. With this recorded materials musicians get extra exposure and access to new audiences, their fans and clients and get valuable material to promote their brand further. 

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Our goal is to grow kulcha houz into a cultural center with rehearsal, recording, and video production facilities, streaming and performance spaces. 

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